The only mouse
that fits like a glove

Functions of some finger joints while handling the PC mouse.

Let’s talk about possible relevance for computer aided learning.

Highly intense use of the finger, while handling the computer mouse, as in e-learning, may lead to hand- or finger complaints, e.g. in the elderly. To understand the finger positions concerned, we analysed some of its joints by functional anatomical research.

A statically and dynamically stabilised finger arch is needed to prevent complaints.

September 15-17, 2010 Hasselt, Belgium
K.J. van Zwieten1, A. Hotterbeekx1, C. Thywissen2, P. Helder3, P.L. Lippens1,
K.P. Schmidt1, I.A. Zoubova4, O.E. Piskùn4, S.A. Varzin4, A.V. Zinkovsky4

Paul Helder

I have made this information available for those who are interested in subjects such as bio-design, biomechanics and the link with functional anatomy. In the world of technology one is confronted with a large variety of possible solutions for issues at hand.

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