The only mouse
that fits like a glove

The effect on forearm and shoulder muscle activity in using different slanted computer mice

Background information on how to work in a comfortable position is provided, for example the positive effects of a slanted mouse (palm supporting area at an angle of 25° or 30°).

Forearm and shoulder muscle activity will reduce in this position.

Increasing the slanted angle will result in a larger wrist extension and thus higher muscle activity.

Working with hand and forearm at a suitable slanted angle provides a more neutral hand position, so forearm and shoulder muscle activity will be reduced.

This paper also addresses possible sources of carpal tunnel pressure (CTP).

Han-Ming Chen *, Chun-Tong Leung
Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taipei 106, Taiwan, ROC Received 6 September 2006; accepted 3 January 2007

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