The only mouse
that fits like a glove

The most ergonomic mouse ever, period.

Many of us spend a great deal of time behind a desk. That is why working ergonomically should have the highest priority, because you make the same movements day in, day out. With the HandshoeMouse you take a huge step in that direction.

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Developed through peer reviewed University Research

The HandshoeMouse is the only mouse on the market that is truly ergonomic, with a design based on extensive scientific research.

Prevents and may even cure RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Based on extensive field tests, we have developed a mouse that actually tackles RSI and CTS. While you can still work comfortably.

Especially suited for creative professionals, in all fields

Being productive is important – whether it's a minute or hours. When intensity and precision are required, complexity is not always the answer. Less can be more.

Patented, designed and developed in the Netherlands

The unique design is available in different sizes and adaptable for left and right hand use. This makes the mouse fit you like a glove.

Our Original Design

Our advanced Ambidextrous Design

Ergonomics above everything else

Millions of people sit behind their computers all day with their hands on a mouse. For optimal ergonomics, the hand and fingers should be supported in the most relaxed position. Both a vertical and a horizontal position are far from ideal: the correct angle for your hand is 25 degrees, according to scientific research. In addition, thumb support is essential, and there should be no friction between the skin and the desktop. That requires a very unique shape. That is why the HandshoeMouse is different from the mouse you are working with now.

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Decades of intensive research

The HandshoeMouse is the only mouse with a scientific basis for its design. Like no other we are driven by our passion; solving and preventing problems and delivering the best product in the market. And you notice that every day.