Our starting point

Based on observed general complaints in neck, arm, wrist, hand and fingers staff at Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, Netherlands looked into the possible source. Both costoclavicular gate (arterial passage in the deep neck) and interosseous membrane in the forearm were defined as possible source.

Although these complaints were rather general, as a first step research concentrated on those patients who use a computer, keyboard and mouse on a daily basis. This to allow for a comparable and readily accessible work environment. For example as part of field research staff with the Ministry of Finance dept. Internal Revenue experiencing complaints generally attributed to the above, participated.


Green light for indepth research

Pointers were confirmed and thus a justification to go into an indepth research of the anatomy. This was started at Hasselt University, dept. of Anatomy, Belgium and resulted in publications:

Bony characteristics determine the behaviour of the interosseous membrane (IOM) during lower arm supination, neutral position, and pronation

Effects of the use of the HandshoeMouse

Both field and fundamental research confirmed that a hand supporting shape could provide a solution to relieve the above mentioned complaints for mouse users. The HandshoeMouse which provides such a support for its user was born. A significant aspect of its design was to do away with a generally accepted view that the “handshake” position was neutral. However, research proved the opposite.

Step by step the Hippus organization rolled out the HandshoeMouse and presented it in the ergonomic environment in Europe as well as North America. Its success justified a further roll out for example in the developed economies of the Middle East and Far East.

HandshoeMouse 2.0

After around 15 years the latest development, the Shift, an ambidextrous version of the original HandshoeMouse was launched.
This ambidextrous mouse can be easily switched from left to right and provides additional comfort by extending the supporting area for hand palm, fingers and thumb.

In all these years certain aspects became obvious as a possible source of complaints which have been tackled by a re-design of the thumb support with the Shift. 
The basal joint of the thumb (articulatio carpometacarpalis pollicis) is the joint of the hand most frequently affected by arthritis. Providing a supporting platform must be assumed to alleviate such complaints.

The Shift will allow the user further relaxation during daily use while Bluetooth provides easy digital wireless communication.

Our Team

Finally, the launch of the HandshoeMouse resulted in initial production in the Netherlands, however, in view of increased demand production was transferred to the Far East.

For the design and production of the Shift management has decided to return to its roots in the Netherlands. In this we also looked at the production environment and our production staff. This is translated in the design of the Shift resulting in ease of assembly.

Paul Helder

Co-Founder / CEO

Alicia van Leeuwen

Co-Founder / Product Development

Arjen Eisma

Customer Service / CFO

Matthijs vd Zouwen