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We promise to relieve mouse related complaints


* If our mouse doesn’t relieve your complaints.

Money Back Promotion

HandshoeMouse currently offers a special promotion to return our mouse models if there is no relief of mouse-use related complaints. Based on our scientific and field research, we dare to say that the HandshoeMouse® – if used correctly – contributes to the relief of complaints.

Terms and Conditions for the Promotion:
– The 2 months start from the day of order
– If your complaints do not improve within 2 months, you can submit a return request via the below contact form on

HandshoeMouse return conditions:
– The mouse must be maintained and in good condition within the 2 months period. This means that there are no scratches, scuffs or traces of intensive use or poor handling.
– The box must be in good condition. When opening, you can use a sharp knife or scissors to cut and open the seal sticker. This way you can remove the contents without damaging the box.
– All contents must be present in the box. From the cable, manual to the mouse itself.

Return Request Form