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The importance of ergonomics in the workspace

Daily computer use demands a lot from our hands and wrists, leading to tension and discomfort that can translate into neck and shoulder complaints

Despite common misconceptions, not all ‘ergonomic’ designs meet these needs. By providing a mouse designed for a natural, relaxed hand position, you can prevent these common complaints, boosting both well-being and productivity.

How the HandshoeMouse® meets ergonomic standards.

The HandshoeMouse®‘s unique shape supports an optimal relaxed hand position at an angle of approximately 25 degrees. This position is anatomically substantiated as it relaxes the interosseous membrane, which connects the radius and ulna.

If the hand is held at a smaller angle, such as flat on a desk, or at an excessively large angle, like with a vertical mouse or joystick, the interosseous membrane and the associated tendons and muscles are put under strain, which is a major cause of discomfort.


During the field research at the Tax Authority, the use of the HandshoeMouse® proved to help employees with complaints to work full time without pain.
At the rehabilitation center of Ghent University, the use of the HandshoeMouse® has for many years proven to enable people to work without pain.
Large American companies are regular customers and order the HandshoeMouse® for their staff.

Paul Helder, CEO & Founder

As the founder and CEO of HandshoeMouse, my goal has always been to create a product that embodies true ergonomic principles. Our scientific approach is to prevent strain before it occurs, informed by the natural anatomy of the hand. 

I invite you to experience the comfort and natural fit of the HandshoeMouse. Reach out to me directly for a conversation about how we can make your workspace healthier and more productive.

Unlock Pain-Free Productivity

Don’t let discomfort hinder your team’s potential. With the HandshoeMouse®, you can empower your employees to work full-time, pain-free.

Trusted by major American corporations and validated by extensive research at institutions like Ghent University, the HandshoeMouse® is the key to an ergonomic workplace. Order now to make a lasting investment in your staff’s well-being and productivity.


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