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Experience the perfect blend of comfort and precision with the HandshoeMouse®. Its unique design allows for extended hours of relaxed work, providing full hand support.

Professionals requiring meticulous control, like CAD engineers and photographers, will find the HandshoeMouse® invaluable for achieving precise results with a relaxed hand.

Enhance Work Efficiency with HandshoeMouse®

Using improper tools, like many computer mice, leads to unnecessary fatigue, limiting daily engagement and productivity. The HandShoeMouse® offers a significant advantage by sparing muscles and tendons from excessive strain and preventing fatigue due to overuse.

This blend of relaxation and physical comfort is directly linked to the supportive contour of the mouse and the angle at which the hand and forearm rest on the desk, leading to overall well-being, reduced work-related fatigue, and more opportunities for relaxation.


As a Naval Architect, the HandshoeMouse® has been indispensable for the long hours required in shipbuilding design. It's the only mouse that allows me to work extensively without discomfort.
CAD Engineer
In my medical practice, the HandshoeMouse® has been a game changer for both myself and the professionals I advise. It's not just an ergonomic tool—it's preventive healthcare for anyone facing hand strain.
General Practitioner
Working in urban planning requires precision and often long hours at a desk. The HandshoeMouse® has transformed my workspace into a much more comfortable environment.
Urban Planner
After years of searching for a solution to my thumb pain, the HandshoeMouse® has finally allowed me to work pain-free. It's the first mouse in many years that's made a significant difference.
Professional Translator

Paul Helder, CEO & Founder

As the founder and CEO of HandshoeMouse, my goal has always been to create a product that embodies true ergonomic principles. Our scientific approach is to prevent strain before it occurs, informed by the natural anatomy of the hand. 

I invite you to experience the comfort and natural fit of the HandshoeMouse. Reach out to me directly for a conversation about how we can make your workspace healthier and more productive.

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Elevate your daily productivity and embrace comfort with the HandshoeMouse®. Say goodbye to the fatigue and strain of conventional mice.

Our ergonomically designed HandshoeMouse® supports your hand and arm in their natural posture, ensuring well-being throughout your workday. Don’t settle for less—upgrade to the HandshoeMouse® and experience the difference in your comfort and productivity. Order yours now and step into a more relaxed and efficient work life.


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