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The HandshoeMouse® is designed based on research from Erasmus MC and Hasselt University, targeting the prevention of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and RSI.

The HandshoeMouse® has been effective in reducing these issues, aiding in the healing of tendonitis and reducing neck and shoulder strain. Recognized as the only genuinely ergonomic mouse, it facilitates relaxed working conditions for intensive computer users. 

The benefits of becoming a certified reseller

As a partner of Hippus, the manufacturer of the HandshoeMouse®, you can offer your customers the pinnacle of mouse technology. 

Your clients will quickly experience the ergonomic benefits of this product. Care for the user’s well-being includes after-sales service from Hippus, which builds trust. For any customer inquiries, you can count on the support and service from the Hippus team.

Testimonials from Resellers

The HandShoeMouse is an ergonomic mouse that perfectly supports the hand, fingers, and thumb, allowing for a more relaxed mousing posture. HandShoeMouse has been a reliable partner of BakkerElkhuizen for many years. They have good delivery reliability. Also, individual support questions from customers receive immediate response and issues are resolved promptly. In short, it is a high-quality product with a reliable partner.
Bakker Elkhuizen
As ergonomics specialists, we are very enthusiastic about the HandshoeMouse. With over 20 years of experience, we know that the HandshoeMouse is one of the most sold ergonomic mice. Our customers are very satisfied with these mice and quickly notice fewer RSI complaints when using the HandshoeMouse. Additionally, the HandshoeMouse company is a fine partner in support & service.
Since our founding in 2013, we have actively included the HandshoeMouse in our daily advisory conversations with clients. Especially for those with painful hands due to extensive mouse use, the HandshoeMouse can be a solution. This is reflected in the more than 100 reviews we have collected from previous customers. The build quality and comfort of the mouse, combined with our money-back guarantee service, makes choosing the HandshoeMouse very easy.
Ergo Werken
As soon as you place your hand on the mouse, you feel that it's right. It prevents unnecessary gripping and squeezing, thus providing real relaxation. Most people are very happy with the mouse after our free trial placement and continue to use it. The mouse is quickly adopted and people do not want to part with it! If there are defects, we can rely on the expert service of the manufacturer if necessary. It's a comforting feeling because we don't have to disappoint customers.

Paul Helder, CEO & Founder

As the founder and CEO of HandshoeMouse, my goal has always been to create a product that embodies true ergonomic principles. Our scientific approach is to prevent strain before it occurs, informed by the natural anatomy of the hand. 

I invite you to experience the comfort and natural fit of the HandshoeMouse. Reach out to me directly for a conversation about how we can make your workspace healthier and more productive.

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