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Experience Relief from Wrist Discomfort

With the Only Scientifically Proven Ergonomic Mouse

The Only Science Backed Ergonomic Mouse

The HandshoeMouse®‘s unique design, born from scientific research at Erasmus MC in collaboration with Maastricht University and Hasselt’s medical faculty, allows for a relaxed hand and arm posture, alleviating and often eliminating discomfort.

Field research within the Tax Authority involving individuals with wrist complaints has shown exceptionally positive results.

HandshoeMouse®: Engineered for Optimal Hand Alignment

Wrist discomfort often arises from using a computer mouse in a forced position, which introduces stress in the wrist joint. The HandshoeMouse® promotes a relaxed hand position at the correct angle, ensuring no undue stress is placed on the wrist.

 This design aligns the forearm and hand at an optimal 25-degree angle, unique to the HandshoeMouse®, preventing the gradual irritation that can occur within and around the wrist joint from improper hand and arm positioning.

Benefits of the HandshoeMouse®

Discover the detailed benefits of our HandshoeMouse® for individuals with wrist discomfort, designed to enhance comfort and support throughout your workday.

While it may take a moment to adjust, users report the resulting comfort is exceptionally pleasing. In summary, the HandshoeMouse® leads to a relaxed motion with minimal wrist exertion, limiting the forces on the wrist and consequently reducing or even eliminating discomfort.


The HandshoeMouse® is fantastic! It allows me to work for hours on end without any hand or wrist pain. I didn't realize how much discomfort I was in before making the switch.
CAD Engineer
I've been enthusiastically recommending the HandshoeMouse® for years in my therapy practice. I've consistently seen how it helps people work without pain. It's remarkable to witness the relief it provides.
It took some time to get used to the HandshoeMouse®, but now I can happily say I work entirely without pain. It's been a game-changer for my daily routine.
IT Professional
As a professional translator, the HandshoeMouse® has been a revelation for me. It's the first mouse I've found in years that doesn't cause me any thumb pain (CarpoMetaCarpal, CMC joint). Now, I can work painlessly, which has significantly improved my productivity.
Professional Translator

Paul Helder, CEO & Founder

As the founder and CEO of HandshoeMouse, my goal has always been to create a product that embodies true ergonomic principles. Our scientific approach is to prevent strain before it occurs, informed by the natural anatomy of the hand. 

I invite you to experience the comfort and natural fit of the HandshoeMouse. Reach out to me directly for a conversation about how we can make your workspace healthier and more productive.

Comfort and a pain free future, with HandshoeMouse

Step into a world where work doesn’t come with pain. The HandshoeMouse® offers you an escape from the daily discomfort of traditional mice. Designed with your health in mind, it’s the ergonomic solution recommended by professionals and therapists alike. Don’t wait for the pain to remind you — make the switch today and feel the immediate difference. Order your HandshoeMouse® now and embrace the comfort of pain-free productivity.


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